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The time and money we were able to save by using Global Trade & Management’s services was phenomenal. In three weeks, we had samples, pricing and proposals from 5 different companies. These guys know their stuff and most importantly they know who’s who.
PR Tooling – Andy Haddon.

About Company

Global Trade & Management, INC specializes in international trade between the United States and Mexico. Our success has been based on our bi-cultural skills and a combination of our experiences over the past decade. This allows us that provide an effective and efficient outcome to all of our rendered services. Global Trade & Management has fundamentally focused in supporting businesses in finding the right business counterpart! From manufacturing or selling specific product/service, we can get it done! We work with a broad network that can provide critical trade information and strategies that are turned into success! Consequently for US companies, Global Trade & Management offers integrated consulting services such as; identifying prospective suppliers, product samples, legal binding contracts, cost structure comparatives, logistic analyst, custom clearance, warehouse distribution, etc. For Mexican based companies we offer a complete platform of consulting services that allow them to explore selling finished goods to the US market. In addition by using our distribution infrastructure, it will allow them to have a complete just in time outreach.